Alert: Missing Persons Unit Benjamin Franklin Airs March 12 2024 on FOX

Get ready for an intense episode of “Missing Persons Unit” airing on March 12, 2024. In this upcoming episode titled “Benjamin Franklin,” the MPU team embarks on a frantic search for a Benjamin Franklin aficionado who mysteriously vanishes during one of his city tours. As they delve into the case, uncovering clues and following leads, tensions rise as the clock ticks away, heightening the urgency to find the missing individual before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, the MPU undergoes a significant change with the addition of a new forensic scientist to the team. With fresh insights and expertise, the new hire brings a renewed sense of energy and determination to the unit, revitalizing their efforts to crack the case.

Amidst the investigation, Jason and Mike find themselves paired up as new partners, facing the challenge of forging a strong bond and effective working relationship. As they navigate through their differences and learn to trust each other, their partnership is put to the test in the high-pressure environment of MPU.

With suspenseful twists and gripping developments, this episode of “Missing Persons Unit” promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Tune in on March 12th to catch all the action, suspense, and drama unfold in “Benjamin Franklin.”

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Tuesday 12 March 2024 on FOX

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Cast –

Main Cast
Scott Caan as Jason Grant
Dania Ramirez as Nikki Batista
Ryan Broussard as Mike Sherman
Graham Verchere as Keith
Adeola Role as Kemi Adebayo

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