American Horror Story: Delicate Season 12 Episode 3: When the Bough Breaks Airs October 4 2023 on FX

On Wednesday, October 4, 2023, at 10:00 PM, FX will air Season 12, Episode 3 of “American Horror Story: Delicate” titled “When the Bough Breaks.”

In this episode, Anna and Dex, the main characters, have found what seems like a peaceful retreat in the Hamptons. However, their newfound comfort starts to unravel. Anna’s circle of trust, the people she relies on, begins to shrink, and doubt starts to creep into her mind. The episode explores the unsettling notion that the source of evil may be closer than she thinks, possibly right under her nose.

“American Horror Story: Delicate” is known for its chilling and suspenseful storytelling. In this episode, viewers can expect a growing sense of unease and tension as Anna and Dex’s idyllic sanctuary begins to crumble.

For those who enjoy suspenseful mysteries and the thrill of unraveling dark secrets, make sure to tune in to FX at 10:00 PM on October 4th for “American Horror Story: Delicate: When the Bough Breaks.”

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Wednesday 4 October 2023 on FX

American Horror Story: Delicate When the Bough Breaks Cast – Season 12 Episode 3

Main Cast

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