American Idol Tonight, April 2024 & This Week’s Episode on ABC

American Idol episode, summary and details on how to watch tonight’s (April 14 2024), and this week’s episode, previous and upcoming American Idol episodes, airing on ABC.

American Idol Tonight, April 2024 & This Week’s Episode on ABC

American Idol Season 22 Episode 11 711 (Top 14 Reveal) Airs April 15 2024 on ABC

Get ready for an exhilarating episode of “American Idol” Season 22 as the competition heats up with Episode 11, titled “711 (Top 14 Reveal),” airing on ABC this Monday at 8:00 PM. In this pivotal episode, the top 20 contestants will once again take the stage, giving it their all in hopes of winning America’s votes and securing their spot in the top 14.

As host Ryan Seacrest takes center stage, tension mounts as he reveals the 10 hopefuls who have earned America’s vote and will advance in the competition. With emotions running high, the remaining contestants anxiously await their fate, knowing that their dreams of becoming the next American Idol hang in the balance.

But the drama doesn’t end there – the judges, with their expert insight and discerning eye for talent, will also have the power to select the remaining four contestants who will round out the top 14. With so much at stake, every performance counts as the contestants strive to impress both the viewers at home and the esteemed panel of judges.

Join ABC this Monday at 8:00 PM for a thrilling episode of “American Idol,” where dreams will be made and hearts will be broken as the top 20 contestants vie for their chance at musical stardom in the electrifying “711 (Top 14 Reveal)” episode.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Monday 15 April 2024 on ABC

American Idol 711 (Top 14 Reveal) Cast – Season 22 Episode 11

Main Cast
Ryan Seacrest
Katy Perry
Luke Bryan
Lionel Richie

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