American Pickers Season 25 Episode 4 Picking Against Time Airs January 10 2024 on History

Fans of rusty gold and unique collectibles, gear up for the latest episode of “American Pickers” as Season 25 continues with “Picking Against Time.” Tune in to History at 9:00 PM on Wednesday, 10 January 2024, to join Mike, Rob, and Jersey on their quest for hidden treasures.

In this episode, the dynamic picking duo, Mike, and Rob, embark on an exciting adventure in South Carolina, with Mike on the lookout for a delectable Porsche. As the clock ticks, they speed-pick through the state, unearthing forgotten gems and rare finds.

Meanwhile, Jersey explores a motel-size collection of petroliana, adding another layer of excitement to the picking expedition. Expect the unexpected as the team navigates through piles of history, discovering the stories behind each item they encounter.

“American Pickers” continues to showcase the thrill of the hunt, the camaraderie between the pickers, and the fascinating tales hidden within the eclectic artifacts they uncover. Don’t miss “Picking Against Time” for an evening of picking prowess and antique adventures.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Wednesday 10 January 2024 on History

American Pickers Picking Against Time Cast – Season 25 Episode 4

Main Cast
Mike Wolfe
Danielle Colby
Robbie Wolfe

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