Ancient Aliens Special Presentation Season 2 Alien Outposts Airs November 27 2023 on History

This Monday at 9:00 PM on History, “Ancient Aliens Special Presentation” delves into the mysterious landscapes of Earth’s mountain ranges with Season 2, titled “Alien Outposts.” The episode explores the intriguing possibility of extraterrestrial connections to these enigmatic and often considered mystical places.

Focusing on renowned mountains like Mount Kailash in the Himalayas, Mount Musine in Italy, and Mount Shasta in Northern California, the show uncovers ancient legends, myths, and unusual phenomena associated with these locations. Viewers can expect a thought-provoking examination of the historical and cultural significance of these mountains, contemplating whether they might hold clues to extraterrestrial encounters throughout human history.

Tune in at 9:00 PM for an enthralling night with “Ancient Aliens Special Presentation.” With its unique perspective and exploration of extraterrestrial theories, this episode promises to captivate audiences, offering a blend of speculative inquiry and historical investigation into the possibility of alien connections to Earth’s awe-inspiring mountainous landscapes.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Monday 27 November 2023 on History

Ancient Aliens Special Presentation Alien Outposts Cast – Season 2

Main Cast
Robert Clotworthy

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