Antiques Road Trip Season 27 Episode 11 David Harper and Hettie Jago Airs November 27 2023 on BBC One

In the upcoming episode of “Antiques Road Trip,” viewers are in for a treat as the seasoned auctioneer and dealer, David Harper, faces off against the greenhorn Hettie Jago in a battle of wits and antique expertise. The episode, titled “David Harper and Hettie Jago,” promises an entertaining clash between the old hand and the relative newcomer, with Hettie Jago taking on the Road Trip challenge for the first time.

As the anticipation builds, fans can expect an engaging mix of friendly banter and fierce competition. Harper, with his wealth of experience and trademark multi-colored trews, brings a sense of familiarity to the show, while Jago injects a fresh perspective into the mix. The episode, scheduled to air at 4:45 PM on Monday, November 27, 2023, on BBC One, is sure to deliver not only on the excitement of the auction floor but also on the unique dynamics between the established expert and the eager newcomer. Don’t miss out on the thrilling encounter between David Harper and Hettie Jago, where the world of antiques takes center stage in this captivating episode of “Antiques Road Trip.”

Release Date & Time: 4:45 PM Monday 27 November 2023 on BBC One

Antiques Road Trip David Harper and Hettie Jago Cast – Season 27 Episode 11

Main Cast
Tim Wonnacott

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