Antiques Road Trip Season 27 Episode 22 Airs December 12 2023 on BBC One

Get ready for another exciting episode of “Antiques Road Trip” as Season 27 Episode 22 airs on BBC One at 3:45 PM this Tuesday, December 12, 2023. In this beloved show, antiques experts embark on a cross-country adventure, scouring the nation for hidden treasures that range from household items to unique collectibles.

The journey doesn’t end with the hunt – the experts then face off in a thrilling battle at auction, where they aim to make the biggest profit from their carefully selected items. Viewers can expect a mix of anticipation, surprise, and friendly competition as the experts showcase their keen eye for valuable finds and negotiate their way to a successful auction.

Whether you’re a seasoned antiques enthusiast or just enjoy the thrill of discovering hidden gems, “Antiques Road Trip” promises an engaging afternoon of entertainment. Join the experts at 3:45 PM on BBC One for a delightful journey into the world of antique hunting, where every item tells a story and every auction is a chance for profit and victory.

Release Date & Time: 3:45 PM Tuesday 12 December 2023 on BBC One

Antiques Road Trip Cast – Season 27 Episode 22

Main Cast
Tim Wonnacott

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