Antiques Roadshow Season 46 Episode 18 Alexandra Gardens, Cardiff 3 Airs March 31 2024 on BBC One

This Sunday at 7:00 PM on BBC One, “Antiques Roadshow” presents Season 46 Episode 18 titled “Alexandra Gardens, Cardiff 3.” In this final visit to Alexandra Gardens in Cardiff, viewers can expect a treasure trove of remarkable finds and fascinating stories.

Among the highlights are a rare Welsh rugby shirt, colorful cameo glass, and unseen photos of The Rolling Stones. Antiques experts Mark Hill and Joanna Hardy are particularly intrigued by a poster and a collection of unpublished photos documenting one of The Rolling Stones’ earliest concerts. Mark is excited to delve into the history of these unseen images, while Joanna is delighted to examine a repurposed piece of silver jewelry from India.

Narrated with warmth and curiosity, “Antiques Roadshow” offers viewers a captivating journey through history and culture as ordinary people bring in their extraordinary treasures. With each episode, audiences are treated to a blend of excitement, nostalgia, and appreciation for the rich tapestry of human experience embodied in these precious artifacts.

Don’t miss the final visit to Alexandra Gardens in Cardiff this Sunday at 7:00 PM on BBC One, as “Antiques Roadshow” uncovers more hidden gems and untold stories waiting to be discovered.

Release Date & Time: 7:00 PM Sunday 31 March 2024 on BBC One

Antiques Roadshow Alexandra Gardens, Cardiff 3 Cast – Season 46 Episode 18

Main Cast
Fiona Bruce

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