Bad Education Airs December 13 2023 on BBC Three

As the clock strikes 9:00 PM on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, BBC Three beckons viewers into the uproarious world of “Bad Education.” This week’s episode promises a wild ride as Stephen confronts a pivotal moment in his career at Abbey Grove with the unconventional assistance of ghostly allies from his past, present, and future. The quirky dynamics of the school and its eccentric characters set the stage for a decision that could reshape Stephen’s professional trajectory.

Adding a hilarious twist to the mix, Mitchell takes his Die Hard obsession to unprecedented levels. Brace yourself for a comedic spectacle as Mitchell’s cinematic passion unfolds in ways that push the boundaries of reason. The episode guarantees a blend of humor, absurdity, and unexpected turns, making “Bad Education” a prime-time destination for those seeking laughter and escapism. So, gather around at 9:00 PM for an evening filled with laughter, as Abbey Grove’s antics and the zany duo of Stephen and Mitchell promise an unforgettable television experience.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Wednesday 13 December 2023 on BBC Three

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