Bad Education Season 5 Episode 2 Face-Off Airs January 14 2024 on BBC Three

This Sunday, viewers can expect another round of laughter as “Bad Education” Season 5 unfolds with Episode 2, aptly titled “Face-Off.” Scheduled to air at 2:00 AM on January 14, 2024, on BBC Three, the episode delves into the comedic repercussions of Mitchell’s newfound fame when he secures a part in a gangster film. As Mitchell’s ego gets a boost, Headmaster Hoburn seizes the opportunity to add some spice to school life, instructing him and Stephen to swap jobs.

The plot thickens as Class K, known for their amusing antics, reacts to the unexpected changes, especially with the school drama competition looming on the horizon. The clash of egos and swapped roles promises a night of entertaining chaos for viewers.

Tune in for a late-night dose of humor with “Bad Education” Season 5 Episode 2, “Face-Off,” on BBC Three. With its signature wit and relatable school scenarios, the show continues to charm audiences with the quirky characters and their hilarious escapades.

Release Date & Time: 2:00 AM Sunday 14 January 2024 on BBC Three

Bad Education Face-Off Cast – Season 5 Episode 2

Main Cast

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