Bail Jumpers Season 1 Episode 10 Chicken Blood, Turtles and a Runner Airs April 2 2024 on Investigation Discovery

Get ready for another thrilling episode of “Bail Jumpers” as Judy and Jaden tackle the case of Michael in Ohio, while Tina and Darnell deal with Mick in Louisiana. Catch all the action in “Chicken Blood, Turtles and a Runner,” airing Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024, at 10:30 PM on Investigation Discovery.

In Ohio, Judy and Jaden are on the hunt for Michael, who finds himself in hot water after injuring his hand in a desperate attempt to flee. Meanwhile, down in Louisiana, Tina and Darnell apprehend Mick, a peculiar character with a fondness for raising turtles.

As tensions rise and unexpected twists unfold, viewers will be on the edge of their seats as the bail jumpers face the consequences of their actions. With adrenaline-pumping pursuits and surprising encounters, this episode promises to keep audiences captivated from start to finish.

Don’t miss “Chicken Blood, Turtles and a Runner,” a gripping installment of “Bail Jumpers” that delves into the unpredictable world of fugitive recovery. Tune in to Investigation Discovery for an unforgettable night of high-stakes drama.

Release Date & Time: 10:30 PM Tuesday 2 April 2024 on Investigation Discovery

Bail Jumpers Chicken Blood, Turtles and a Runner Cast – Season 1 Episode 10

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