Baking at Ballyknocken Airs March 18 2024 on RECIPE

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked Irish breads on “Baking at Ballyknocken,” airing at 11:00 AM this Monday on RECIPE. Join the culinary journey as the show explores the rich tradition and heritage of Irish baking, showcasing a variety of delicious bread recipes that are sure to delight.

From traditional soda bread to hearty brown bread and everything in between, viewers will be treated to step-by-step demonstrations by expert bakers. Learn the secrets behind achieving that perfect crust and soft, fluffy interior as they share their tips and tricks for mastering the art of Irish bread making.

Whether you’re a seasoned baker looking to expand your repertoire or a novice eager to try your hand at something new, “Baking at Ballyknocken” has something for everyone. So mark your calendars and set your alarms for a morning of culinary inspiration that celebrates the warmth and comfort of Irish home baking. Don’t miss out on this delectable journey into the heart of Ireland’s baking traditions!

Release Date & Time: 11:00 AM Monday 18 March 2024 on RECIPE

Baking at Ballyknocken Cast –

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