Bakugan Season 1 Episode 7: Octogan Wrong!; Eat Meat Airs November 4 2023 on Disney XD

On Saturday, November 4, 2023, at 10:00 AM, Disney XD will air Season 1, Episode 7 of “Bakugan.” In this episode, two different stories unfold in the world of Bakugan.

First, a brawler from the Aquatic Clan visits the Misfit Mod. It’s like a meeting of characters from different clans, and you’ll see what happens when they come together.

Later in the episode, the Misfit Clan works to figure out why Bakugan are causing trouble. It’s like a mystery that needs solving.

“Bakugan” is a show filled with action and adventures, where characters and creatures come to life through exciting battles.

If you’re a fan of epic battles and discovering the secrets of the Bakugan world, this episode is one to watch. It’s like a double dose of Bakugan excitement.

Make sure to tune in on November 4 to catch “Octagon Wrong!; Eat Meat” on Disney XD at 10:00 AM. It’s like a morning full of action and teamwork.

Release Date & Time: 10:00 AM Saturday 4 November 2023 on Disney XD

Bakugan Octogan Wrong!; Eat Meat Cast – Season 1 Episode 7

Main Cast

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