Bargain Hunt Season 66: Shakespeare Special Airs November 8 2023 on BBC One

On Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at 1:15 PM, BBC One is set to air a special episode of “Bargain Hunt.” This unique episode is themed around the legendary playwright, William Shakespeare. In “Bargain Hunt,” two teams of amateur antique collectors have a thrilling challenge. They are given just one hour to hunt for the best bargains in the world of antiques.

The show is all about the excitement of the hunt and the thrill of discovering hidden treasures. Each team is provided with a budget, and they must use their knowledge and bargaining skills to find antiques that they believe will turn a profit when they are sold at auction.

This Shakespeare Special episode adds a creative twist to the usual format, as the teams will be searching for antique items related to the world of Shakespeare. It promises to be an engaging and educational experience, combining history, culture, and the excitement of the hunt for antiques. Viewers can look forward to a fun and competitive journey as the teams race against the clock to find the best bargains.

Release Date & Time: 1:15 PM Wednesday 8 November 2023 on BBC One

Bargain Hunt Shakespeare Special Cast – Season 66:

Main Cast
Charles Hanson
Eric Knowles
Paul Laidlaw
Charlie Ross
Anita Manning
Natasha Raskin Sharp
Christina Trevanion
Roo Irvine
Caroline Hawley

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