Bargain Hunt Season 67: Brackley 14 Airs January 15 2024 on BBC One

Get ready for a treasure hunt like no other as “Bargain Hunt” returns with Season 67, serving up a blockbuster episode titled “Brackley 14.” This Monday, January 15, 2024, at 12:15 PM on BBC One, viewers are in for a treat. Movie memorabilia aficionado Stephanie Connell takes center stage, revealing gems from her collection to the delightful Natasha Raskin Sharp. But that’s just the beginning.

The main event unfolds with two eager teams, fueled by the guidance of leading men Tim Weeks and Thomas Forrester, scouring for their own blockbuster buys. It’s a race against time and budget as the teams navigate the market, hoping to strike gold with unique finds. With Connell’s movie magic and the expertise of Weeks and Forrester, “Bargain Hunt” promises not just an auction, but an adventure. So, whether you’re a seasoned collector or just love a good deal, set your clocks for 12:15 PM this Monday and join the hunt for hidden treasures in “Brackley 14.”

Release Date & Time: 12:15 PM Monday 15 January 2024 on BBC One

Bargain Hunt Brackley 14 Cast – Season 67:

Main Cast
Charles Hanson
Eric Knowles
Paul Laidlaw
Charlie Ross
Anita Manning
Natasha Raskin Sharp
Christina Trevanion
Roo Irvine
Caroline Hawley

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