Batwheels Season 1 Episode 32: To the Batmobile! Airs September 15 2023 on Cartoon Network

Get ready for the upcoming episode of “Batwheels,” which is Season 1, Episode 32, titled “To the Batmobile!” This episode is set to air on Cartoon Network at 7:45 AM on Friday, September 15, 2023.

In this episode, a mysterious event unfolds as the Batwheels, the trusty vehicles of the Bat-family, suddenly disappear. Bam, one of the Batwheels, finds himself in a challenging situation and seeks assistance. To save his friends and resolve this mystery, Bam enlists the help of A.D.A.M, the original Batmobile.

“Batwheels” is a show that brings the world of Batman to life from the perspective of the iconic Bat-vehicles. In this particular episode, viewers can anticipate an exciting and adventurous storyline as Bam and A.D.A.M work together to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of the Batwheels.

Release Date & Time: 7:45 AM Friday 15 September 2023 on Cartoon Network

Batwheels To the Batmobile! Cast – Season 1 Episode 32

Main Cast
Jacob Bertrand as Bam
Jordan Reed as Redbird
Madigan Kacmar as Bibi
Noah Bentley as Buff
Lilimar as Batwing
Kimberly Brooks as the Batcomputer
Ethan Hawke as Batman
A.J. Hudson as Robin
Leah Lewis as Batgirl
Mick Wingert as the Joker
James Arnold Taylor as Toyman

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