Beat Shazam Million Dollar Mommas! Airs June 25 2024 on FOX

Get ready for a heartwarming and competitive episode of “Beat Shazam” on June 25, 2024, airing on FOX! In this special installment titled “Million Dollar Mommas!,” teams of mothers team up with their sons or daughters to compete for the ultimate prize.

Watch as these dynamic duos face off against each other and the clock, racing to identify hit songs and earn points in hopes of making it to the final round. With music spanning genres and decades, the teams showcase their knowledge and quick thinking under pressure.

Join the excitement as host Jamie Foxx guides the teams through rounds of musical challenges, delivering laughs, surprises, and unforgettable moments. It’s a special mother-themed episode that celebrates family bonds and the power of teamwork in pursuit of a million-dollar prize!

Don’t miss “Beat Shazam: Million Dollar Mommas!” on June 25, 2024, on FOX. It’s a musical showdown that promises entertainment for the whole family and honors the special relationship between mothers and their children.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Tuesday 25 June 2024 on FOX

Beat Shazam Cast –

Main Cast
Jamie Foxx
Corinne Foxx
Nick Cannon

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