Behind the Music Season 1 Episode 13 Hall and Oates Airs January 1 2024 on VH1

Step into the iconic world of music history as VH1’s “Behind the Music” features the legendary duo in Season 1 Episode 13 titled “Hall and Oates.” Airing at 7:00 PM on Monday, January 1, 2024, this episode unfolds the remarkable journey of Daryl Hall & John Oates, hailed as the most successful duo in pop history.

In this captivating installment, viewers are treated to an intimate conversation with Hall and Oates themselves, as they share the highs, lows, and twists in their extraordinary career. From chart-topping hits to defining moments, the duo lays bare the intricacies of their path to becoming pop music legends.

Tune in at 7:00 PM on VH1 for “Behind the Music: Hall and Oates.” It’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane, offering fans and music enthusiasts an up-close look at the dynamic duo’s enduring impact on the music industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to relive the magic that made Daryl Hall & John Oates legends in their own right.

Release Date & Time: 7:00 PM Monday 1 January 2024 on VH1

Behind the Music Hall and Oates Cast – Season 1 Episode 13

Main Cast

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