Below Deck Sailing Yacht Never Before Scene 417 Airs October 1 2023 on Bravo

On Sunday, October 1, 2023, at 5:00 PM, Bravo will air Season 4 of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” with an episode titled “Never Before Scene 417.” This episode promises viewers bonus footage, extended scenes, and previously unseen content from the series.

“Never Before Scene 417” provides an opportunity to revisit moments from the season with additional insights. Viewers can expect extra footage that wasn’t shown in the regular episodes, offering a more comprehensive look at life on the sailing yacht.

For fans of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” this episode is a chance to dive deeper into the behind-the-scenes moments, conversations, and experiences of the crew and guests. It’s like a special peek into the hidden parts of the season, giving viewers a fresh perspective on their favorite show.

Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday evening for this unique episode of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” and enjoy the bonus content that adds depth to the series.

Release Date & Time: 5:00 PM Sunday 1 October 2023 on Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Never Before Scene 417 Cast – Season 4

Main Cast
Glenn Shephard — Captain
Colin Macrae — Chief Engineer
Gary King — First Officer
Ileisha Dell — Chef
Daisy Kelliher — Chief Stewardess
Lucy Edmunds — 2nd Stewardess
Mads Herrera — 3rd Stewardess
Chase Lemacks — Deckhand
Alex Propson — Deckhand

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