Bering Sea Gold Season 17 Episode 12 Endgame Airs December 22 2023 on Discovery

In the upcoming episode of “911 Crisis Center,” titled “Pins, Prizes, and Dispatch Pride,” airing at 1:30 AM on Friday on USA, the drama unfolds during the conclusion of Dispatch Week. Essence, with determination in her eyes, keeps her focus on the coveted prize, creating anticipation for viewers as they witness the culmination of the event.

The episode takes a thrilling turn as Charline and Melanie step in to assist a caller in tracking down a cat burglar, adding an element of mystery and urgency to the dispatch scenarios. Meanwhile, dispatcher Jennifer Barber finds herself facing a critical situation where she must guide a caller to initiate CPR before it’s too late. Her heroic efforts lead to the well-deserved recognition of a lifesaver pin, highlighting the intense and emotionally charged moments that dispatchers navigate in their life-saving roles.

For fans of real-life drama and the behind-the-scenes workings of emergency response, “911 Crisis Center: Pins, Prizes, and Dispatch Pride” at 1:30 AM on Friday is a must-watch. Tune in to USA for an episode that promises suspense, compassion, and the unsung heroism of emergency dispatchers.

Release Date & Time: 9:08 PM Friday 22 December 2023 on Discovery

Bering Sea Gold Endgame Cast – Season 17 Episode 12

Main Cast
Emily Riedel
Shawn Pomrenke
Ezekial Tenhoff
Steve Pomrenke
Andy Kelly
Brad Kelly
Kris Kelly
Ken Kerr
Thom Beers
Dave Young
Nick McGlashan
Mike Rowe

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