Big Brother Season 1 Episode 12: Live Eviction Airs October 20 2023 on ITV2

Get ready for an exciting night on Friday, October 20, 2023, because “Big Brother” is back on ITV2 with its Season 1 Episode 12 titled “Live Eviction.” This thrilling reality TV show features a brand new cast of housemates carefully selected from all walks of life. These housemates will call the world’s most famous reality TV home their own for up to six weeks, and every moment of their stay is captured by the ever-watchful cameras.

“Big Brother” is all about drama, challenges, alliances, and evictions. Viewers can expect to see how these housemates navigate the twists and turns of living together in a confined space, with the nation following their every move. And on this episode, the tension will reach its peak as one of the housemates faces eviction, live on air. Don’t miss the drama, the surprises, and the live eviction action on Friday at 9:00 PM, only on ITV2.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Friday 20 October 2023 on ITV2

Big Brother Live Eviction Cast – Season 1 Episode 12

Main Cast

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