Big Brother Season 25 Episode 11: Airs August 27 2023 on CBS

Get ready for the next episode of “Big Brother,” airing on CBS this Sunday at 8:00 PM! In Season 25, Episode 11, the tension continues to build as the head of household takes center stage. As part of the ongoing gameplay, the head of household will make a critical decision by nominating two fellow houseguests for possible eviction.

The strategic moves and alliances within the house are heating up, and this episode promises to bring more suspense and drama as the houseguests face the possibility of being nominated for eviction. With every decision carrying high stakes, alliances could shift and new alliances may form in the quest to secure safety.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Sunday 27 August 2023 on CBS

Big Brother Cast – Season 25 Episode 11

Main Cast

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