Big Brother Season 25 Episode 28: Airs October 8 2023 on CBS

On Sunday, October 8, 2023, at 9:59 PM, CBS will broadcast Season 25, Episode 28 of “Big Brother.” In this episode, viewers can expect to witness a crucial moment in the Big Brother house as the head of household takes on the responsibility of nominating two of their fellow houseguests for potential eviction.

This fundamental aspect of the Big Brother game highlights the strategic nature of the competition. Houseguests must navigate alliances, challenges, and the dynamics within the house to secure their position and avoid being placed on the eviction block.

With the nominations, tensions often rise, alliances are tested, and the fate of the nominated houseguests hangs in the balance. As the game unfolds, viewers will witness the strategies and alliances at play as the houseguests work towards their ultimate goal of winning the title of Big Brother champion.

Tune in to this episode to see how the head of household’s nominations shape the course of the game and set the stage for the upcoming eviction.

Release Date & Time: 9:59 PM Sunday 8 October 2023 on CBS

Big Brother Cast – Season 25 Episode 28

Main Cast

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