Big Brother Season 25 Episode 37: Airs October 29 2023 on CBS

On Sunday, October 29, 2023, at 9:59 PM on CBS, “Big Brother” is back with Season 25, Episode 37. In this episode, the head of the household takes charge and has an important task. They must choose two fellow houseguests and nominate them for possible eviction.

“Big Brother” is a reality show where a group of people live together in a house, and their every move is recorded. Each week, a new head of household is selected, and they have the power to nominate two people they think should leave the house.

The nominated houseguests will then face the risk of being evicted from the show. It’s a tense moment as they wait to see if the other housemates will vote to keep them in the game.

If you enjoy reality shows and the drama of competition, “Big Brother” is a show to watch. This episode is all about the strategic decisions that can change the game.

Tune in at 9:59 PM on Sunday to see the head of household’s nominations in this episode of “Big Brother” on CBS. It’s all about the competition and decision-making.

Release Date & Time: 9:59 PM Sunday 29 October 2023 on CBS

Big Brother Cast – Season 25 Episode 37

Main Cast

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