Black History Honors: Part 1 Airs February 17 2024 on MyNetworkTV

Join MyNetworkTV this Saturday, February 17th, at 6:00 PM for a special event honoring the rich legacy of black history with “Black History Honors: Part 1.” This captivating program pays tribute to the courageous freedom heroes of America by embarking on a journey through key museums across the country.

Hosted by a team of passionate historians and cultural experts, “Black History Honors: Part 1” delves into the stories of resilience, perseverance, and triumph that define the African American experience. From the struggle for civil rights to the celebration of cultural achievements, each segment offers a poignant reflection on the contributions of black individuals throughout history.

Viewers will be taken on a compelling exploration of iconic museums that serve as repositories of African American history and culture. Through immersive exhibits, archival footage, and insightful commentary, “Black History Honors: Part 1” brings to life the enduring legacy of freedom heroes who have shaped the course of American history.

Don’t miss this enlightening and inspiring tribute to black history on MyNetworkTV this Saturday at 6:00 PM. It’s a celebration of resilience, courage, and the enduring spirit of freedom.

Release Date & Time: 6:00 PM Saturday 17 February 2024 on MyNetworkTV

Black History Honors: Part 1 Cast –

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