Blue’s Clues & You! Season 4 Episode 22 Josh and Blue’s Ice Cream Shoppe Airs October 18 2023 on Nick Jr

On Wednesday, October 18, 2023, at 10:00 AM, Nick Jr. will air an episode of “Blue’s Clues & You!” titled “Josh and Blue’s Ice Cream Shoppe.”

In this episode, Josh and Blue have a fun adventure as they open an ice cream shop on a scorching summer day. However, they encounter a little issue – everyone has mysteriously disappeared. To get to the bottom of this puzzle, Josh and Blue engage the viewers in a game of Blue’s Clues to uncover the mystery and bring their customers back.

During their investigation, young viewers have the opportunity to assist Jingles, the friendly ice cream truck, and also learn how to make delicious ice cream. It’s an exciting and educational journey where problem-solving and creativity come together to make this episode a delightful experience for kids and parents alike.

Tune in to Nick Jr. at 10:00 AM for a cool, ice cream-themed adventure with Josh and Blue in “Josh and Blue’s Ice Cream Shoppe.” It’s a perfect treat for young minds on a hot day!

Release Date & Time 1000 AM Wednesday 18 October 2023 on Nick Jr

Blue’s Clues & You! Josh and Blue’s Ice Cream Shoppe Cast – Season 4 Episode 22

Main Cast
Joshua Dela Cruz as Josh
Traci Paige Johnson as Blue
Steve Burns as Steve
Donovan Patton as Joe
Carolyn Fe as Lola
Ava Augustin as Tickety Tock
Jordana Blake as Pail
Liyou Abere as Sidetable Drawer

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