Bob’s Burgers Season 14 Episode 5: Bully-ieve It or Not Airs November 5 2023 on FOX

On Sunday, November 5, 2023, at 10:00 PM, FOX will air Season 14, Episode 5 of “Bob’s Burgers” titled “Bully-ieve It or Not.” In this episode, the Belcher kids, who are the children of the main character Bob, discover a secret about their friend Zeke’s past. This revelation could change the way they see Zeke and their friendship with him.

Meanwhile, Bob, who owns a burger restaurant, rekindles his long-standing feud with Jimmy Pesto, the owner of a neighboring Italian restaurant. This feud has been a recurring theme in the series, and it often leads to humorous and sometimes chaotic situations.

“Bob’s Burgers” is an animated show that follows the adventures of the Belcher family, who run a burger restaurant. The series is known for its quirky characters and comical storylines.

If you enjoy animated comedies and want to see what misadventures the Belcher family gets into, don’t miss this episode on FOX. It’s a chance to laugh and be entertained by the quirky world of “Bob’s Burgers.”

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Sunday 5 November 2023 on FOX

Bob’s Burgers Bully-ieve It or Not Cast – Season 14 Episode 5

Main Cast
H. Jon Benjamin as Bob/Jimmy Jr.
John Roberts as Linda/Jocelyn
Dan Mintz as Tina
Eugene Mirman as Gene
Kristen Schaal as Louise
Larry Murphy as Teddy

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