Buddy Games Season 1 Episode 6 The Buddy Lines Are Drawn Airs October 19 2023 on CBS

On Thursday, October 19, 2023, at 8:00 PM, CBS will air the sixth episode of “Buddy Games” titled “The Buddy Lines Are Drawn.”

In this episode, the buddies are in for more intense challenges as they battle to remain in the competition. The challenges include balloon-popping and camp-inspired activities, all designed to test their skills, teamwork, and determination.

“Buddy Games” is a show where friends compete in various physical and mental challenges to prove their mettle and friendship bonds. It offers viewers an exciting and engaging experience as they witness the camaraderie and rivalry among the participants.

This episode continues to showcase the competitive spirit of the buddies and their unwavering determination to stay in the game. It promises to be an action-packed and fun-filled installment, with challenges that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Tune in to CBS at 8:00 PM to catch all the excitement and see which buddy will emerge victorious in “The Buddy Lines Are Drawn.”

Release Date & Time 800 PM Thursday 19 October 2023 on CBS

Buddy Games The Buddy Lines Are Drawn Cast – Season 1 Episode 6

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