Caroline Aherne: Queen of Comedy Airs December 25 2023 on BBC Two

BBC Two presents a touching tribute to the late and legendary comedian with “Caroline Aherne: Queen of Comedy.” Airing at 10:25 PM on Monday, December 25, 2023, this special program celebrates the unique life and extraordinary talent of Caroline Aherne, showcasing unseen photographs and heartfelt contributions from a cast of her lifelong friends.

The Queen of Comedy, known for her iconic roles in shows like “The Royle Family,” is fondly remembered by friends including Steve Coogan, Jon Thompson, Craig Cash, and producer Andy Harries. As viewers settle in for an evening of reflection, laughter, and heartfelt anecdotes, “Caroline Aherne: Queen of Comedy” offers an intimate look at the woman behind the laughter, capturing the essence of her remarkable career and the impact she had on the world of comedy.

Tune in at 10:25 PM on BBC Two for a poignant celebration of Caroline Aherne’s legacy, a fitting tribute to a comedic genius whose influence continues to resonate in the hearts of fans and friends alike.

Release Date & Time: 10:25 PM Monday 25 December 2023 on BBC Two

Caroline Aherne: Queen of Comedy Cast –

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