Caught in the Act: Unfaithful Season 1 Episode 5 She Has a Whole Other Apartment? Airs November 13 2023 on MTV

On Monday, November 13, 2023, at 1:30 AM, MTV will air Season 1, Episode 5 of “Caught in the Act: Unfaithful,” titled “She Has a Whole Other Apartment?” In this episode, the show follows the story of Gierra, who has been in a relationship with Shay, a club promoter, for over four years.

The episode centers on Gierra’s desire to start a family with Shay, but she harbors suspicions about Shay’s interactions with other women at local hotspots, which may have strained their relationship.

Viewers can tune in to witness the challenges faced by Gierra and Shay as they navigate the complexities of their relationship, trust, and fidelity. The show aims to offer insights into real-life relationship dilemmas and the consequences of infidelity.

Release Date & Time: 1:30 AM Monday 13 November 2023 on MTV

Caught in the Act: Unfaithful She Has a Whole Other Apartment? Cast – Season 1 Episode 5

Main Cast
Tami Roman

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