Caught Red Handed Season 11 Episode 12: Airs October 10 2023 on BBC One

On Tuesday, October 10, 2023, at 10:45 AM on BBC One, the show “Caught Red Handed” returns with its latest episode, promising to showcase more real-life crime stories.

In this episode, viewers will witness two muggers using a moped to carry out a series of robberies on an unprecedented scale. The show will delve into the details of these daring crimes and how law enforcement works to apprehend the culprits.

Additionally, the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) will be featured in a covert operation that uncovers a farm where dogs are being kept illegally. This story highlights the importance of animal welfare and the efforts made to protect animals from harm.

As if that’s not enough, a helicopter equipped with an infrared camera captures a criminal who is attempting to disguise themselves as a solar panel. The show will reveal how technology aids in crime prevention and investigation.

If you’re intrigued by real-life crime stories and want to see how criminals are caught in the act, be sure to tune in to BBC One on October 10, 2023, at 10:45 AM for this gripping episode of “Caught Red Handed.”

Release Date & Time: 10:45 AM Tuesday 10 October 2023 on BBC One

Caught Red Handed Cast – Season 11 Episode 12

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