Caught! Season 1 Episode 8 Florida Man Airs January 11 2024 on Discovery

In the upcoming episode of “Caught!” titled “Florida Man,” viewers are in for a wild ride as the Sunshine State’s infamous character, Florida Man, takes center stage. Airing at 9:00 PM on Thursday on Discovery, this installment promises a hilarious and bizarre showcase of Florida Man’s outrageous antics, all caught on tape.

Known for his unpredictable and often eccentric behavior, Florida Man’s escapades include everything from stealing alligators to indulging in naked cheesecake sessions in the swamp. The episode provides a front-row seat to the beautiful yet peculiar natural habitat of this unique creature, capturing moments that defy logic and add another chapter to the legend of Florida Man. With its blend of humor and jaw-dropping moments, “Florida Man” is sure to entertain and leave audiences marveling at the absurdity that unfolds in the Sunshine State.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Thursday 11 January 2024 on Discovery

Caught! Florida Man Cast – Season 1 Episode 8

Main Cast

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