Chasin’ the Sun Season 9 Dog Daze Delight Airs January 27 2024 on Discovery

This Saturday at 8:30 AM on Discovery, fishing enthusiasts are in for an exciting escapade with Season 9 of “Chasin’ the Sun,” featuring the episode titled “Dog Daze Delight.” Join Capt. Justin Leake and Meredith McCord as they navigate the challenges of a seemingly elusive tarpon bite by shifting focus to an alternative angling adventure.

In “Dog Daze Delight,” the dynamic duo showcases their expertise, utilizing CoastMaster, light tackle, and years of experience to uncover success in snapper fishing on well-frequented public spots. The episode not only promises action-packed moments but also provides valuable insights into the techniques and strategies employed by these skilled anglers.

“Chasin’ the Sun” continues to capture the essence of the thrill and unpredictability of fishing in diverse environments. Tune in this Saturday at 8:30 AM on Discovery for a dose of outdoor adventure and angling expertise, as Capt. Justin Leake and Meredith McCord embark on a “Dog Daze Delight” that showcases the beauty and challenges of fishing in the sun.

Release Date & Time: 8:30 AM Saturday 27 January 2024 on Discovery

Chasin’ the Sun Dog Daze Delight Cast – Season 9

Main Cast
Justin Leake
Travis Holeman

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