Chateau DIY Season 4 Episode 4 Airs January 25 2024 on Channel 4

This Thursday at 5:00 PM on Channel 4, viewers can dive into the captivating world of DIY transformations with Season 4 Episode 4 of “Chateau DIY.” The episode promises a trio of challenges as the featured renovators face unique hurdles in their quest to breathe new life into their properties.

Erin and JB find themselves battling the elements, wrestling with a storm as they strive to weatherproof their turret. The stakes are high as they endeavor to protect their space from the unpredictable forces of nature. Meanwhile, Ben and Billie take on the task of renovating the gatehouse, adding their own touch to the chateau’s aesthetic.

Adding a touch of urgency, Nick and Nicole embark on a race against time to complete renovations before the arrival of their baby. The episode guarantees a mix of drama, determination, and the satisfaction of seeing ambitious DIY projects come to fruition. “Chateau DIY” continues to be a source of inspiration for home improvement enthusiasts, showcasing the triumphs and tribulations of turning dreams into reality. Tune in for an evening of renovation revelations on Channel 4.

Release Date & Time: 5:00 PM Thursday 25 January 2024 on Channel 4

Chateau DIY Cast – Season 4 Episode 4

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