Children Ruin Everything Season 2 Episode 10 Me Time Airs November 23 2023 on CW

In the upcoming episode of “Children Ruin Everything,” titled “Me Time,” set to air on Thursday, November 23, 2023, at 8:30 PM on CW, viewers can expect a hilarious yet relatable storyline. Astrid, played by the talented Lena Olin, is on a quest for some well-deserved alone time. Meanwhile, James finds himself in a laundry conundrum, attempting to tackle weeks’ worth of clothes.

As Astrid’s sister’s family takes a vacation, the vacant house becomes the battleground for both Astrid’s escape and James’ domestic duties. The episode promises to deliver a comedic exploration of the challenges parents face when balancing personal time with family responsibilities.

“Children Ruin Everything” continues to blend humor and authenticity in its depiction of the chaos and joy that parenting brings. Don’t miss this episode as Astrid navigates the quest for solitude and James takes on the laundry mountain in a quest for domestic triumph.

Release Date & Time: 8:30 PM Thursday 23 November 2023 on CW

Children Ruin Everything Me Time Cast – Season 2 Episode 10

Main Cast
Meaghan Rath as Astrid
Aaron Abrams as James
Ennis Esmer as Ennis
Nazneen Contractor as Dawn
Logan Nicholson as Felix
Mikayla SwamiNathan as Viv
Darius Rota as Corey
Veena Sood as Nisha
Lisa Codrington as Marla

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