Chip & Potato Season 2: Kevin Comes to Stay Airs April 27 2024 on Channel 5

Get ready for a delightful dose of furry fun with the Season 2 premiere of “Chip & Potato” titled “Kevin Comes to Stay.” Set your alarms for 6:55 AM this Saturday on Channel 5 as Chip and Potato embark on a heartwarming adventure with their new friend, Kevin the police station cat.

In this charming episode, Chip and Potato take on the responsibility of looking after Kevin. Chip, ever the enthusiastic pup, is eager to show Kevin her snuggly bed. But there’s just one problem – Kevin has a penchant for wandering off! As Chip tries her best to keep track of her feline friend, hilarity ensues as they navigate through playful antics and unexpected twists.

Audiences of all ages will be enchanted by the adorable escapades of Chip, Potato, and their mischievous companion Kevin. With its endearing characters and lovable storyline, “Kevin Comes to Stay” promises to be a paw-some start to Season 2 of “Chip & Potato.”

Don’t miss out on the furry fun! Tune in this Saturday at 6:55 AM on Channel 5 for an unforgettable adventure with Chip, Potato, and their furry friend Kevin.

Release Date & Time: 6:55 AM Saturday 27 April 2024 on Channel 5

Chip & Potato Kevin Comes to Stay Cast – Season 2:

Main Cast

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