Christmas: A Welcoming Story Airs December 24 2023 on ABC

This Christmas Eve at 11:35 PM on ABC, viewers are invited to experience the warmth and joy of the season with “Christmas: A Welcoming Story.” The program offers a special Christmas service, complete with stirring music performed by a university chorale, soloists, and orchestral accompaniment. The heartwarming celebration features a sermon delivered by Dr. Michael Brown, adding a thoughtful and spiritual dimension to the festive occasion.

“Christmas: A Welcoming Story” creates a welcoming atmosphere, inviting viewers to share in the magic of Christmas through the power of music and reflection. The university chorale, soloists, and orchestral ensemble come together to deliver a memorable and uplifting experience that captures the essence of the holiday.

Tune in at 11:35 PM for a soul-stirring and festive Christmas service on ABC. Whether seeking a moment of spiritual connection or enjoying the musical performances, the broadcast promises to be a comforting and joyful way to usher in Christmas.

Release Date & Time: 11:35 PM Sunday 24 December 2023 on ABC

Christmas: A Welcoming Story Cast –

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