Clean It, Fix It Season 3 Episode 7 Airs February 20 2024 on BBC One

Get ready for a transformative and heartwarming episode of “Clean It, Fix It” airing on BBC One at 2:15 PM on Tuesday, February 20th. In Season 3, Episode 7, viewers are invited to witness the incredible work of a dedicated team of cleaners and DIY experts as they embark on a mission to help a household reclaim their space and rediscover their love for their home.

With just one day to work their magic, the team faces the challenge of tackling clutter, grime, and household repairs to create a fresh and inviting living environment. From deep cleaning to expert fixes, every effort is made to restore the home to its former glory and exceed the homeowners’ expectations.

Viewers can expect to be inspired by the teamwork, determination, and compassion demonstrated by the cleaning and DIY experts as they strive to make a positive difference in the lives of the homeowners. With their expertise and dedication, the team leaves behind not just a clean and organized space, but also a renewed sense of joy and pride in the home.

Don’t miss out on the uplifting and transformative journey of “Clean It, Fix It” as the team works miracles in just one day. Tune in at 2:15 PM on Tuesday, February 20th, on BBC One for an episode filled with heartwarming moments and remarkable transformations.

Release Date & Time: 2:15 PM Tuesday 20 February 2024 on BBC One

Clean It, Fix It Cast – Season 3 Episode 7

Main Cast
Maxine Dwyer
Asher Edwards
Tommy Walsh
Elis James

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