Cold Justice Season 6 Inside the Episode 623 ‘Deadly Abduction’ Airs November 18 2023 on Oxygen

On Saturday at 7:00 PM, Oxygen’s “Cold Justice” Season 6 unfolds with the episode titled “Inside the Episode 623 ‘Deadly Abduction.'” The show features two skilled female investigators delving into cold murder cases that have remained unsolved for years. Viewers can expect a gripping exploration of the intricacies surrounding these cases, as the investigators employ their expertise to unearth long-buried details and potentially bring justice to victims and closure to their families.

“Cold Justice” remains committed to shedding light on unresolved crimes, utilizing the unique perspectives and skills of its investigators to navigate through the complexities of each case. This episode promises an in-depth look at the investigative process, providing audiences with a compelling and informative journey into the world of criminal justice.

Release Date & Time: 7:00 PM Saturday 18 November 2023 on Oxygen

Cold Justice Inside the Episode 623 ‘Deadly Abduction’ Cast – Season 6

Main Cast
Kelly Siegler
Steve Spingola
Abbey Abbondandolo
Terri Hook

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