Coronation Street Airs April 3 2024 on ITV

Prepare for another evening of drama and excitement as “Coronation Street” returns this Wednesday, April 3rd, at 7:00 PM on ITV. Set in the fictional working-class neighborhood of Weatherfield, this long-running soap opera follows the lives of its diverse residents as they navigate through the ups and downs of everyday life.

Jenny finds herself crumbling under the intense pressure of Carla’s interrogation, as she struggles to maintain her composure and keep her secrets hidden. As Carla digs deeper into Jenny’s past, tensions reach a boiling point, leading to a confrontation that could have far-reaching consequences for both women.

Meanwhile, Dylan falls into Mason’s trap, unaware of the danger lurking beneath the surface. As Mason’s sinister intentions come to light, Dylan must navigate a web of deceit and manipulation, unsure of who to trust and where to turn for help.

In another part of Weatherfield, Ed confirms the end of his marriage, facing the painful reality of a relationship that has run its course. As he comes to terms with this difficult decision, Ed must find a way to move forward and rebuild his life, despite the heartache and uncertainty that lies ahead.

Additionally, Roy reaches out to Lauren’s mother, extending a hand of compassion and understanding during a time of need. As he offers his support to someone in distress, Roy demonstrates the true meaning of kindness and empathy, showing that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope for redemption and healing.

As the clock strikes 7:00 PM, join the working-class residents of Coronation Street as they face new challenges, forge unlikely alliances, and confront their deepest fears. With its rich storytelling and compelling characters, “Coronation Street” continues to captivate audiences week after week.

Don’t miss out on the latest drama and intrigue in the lives of these beloved characters on “Coronation Street,” airing Wednesday at 7:00 PM on ITV.

Release Date & Time: 7:00 PM Wednesday 3 April 2024 on ITV

Coronation Street Cast –

Main Cast
William Roache as Ken Barlow
Helen Worth as Gail Platt
Sue Nicholls as Audrey Roberts
Barbara Knox as Rita Sullivan
Samia Longchambon as Maria Connor
Michael Le Vell as Kevin Webster
Sally Dynevor as Sally Webster
Simon Gregson as Steve McDonald
Alison King as Carla Connor
Tina O'Brien as Sarah Platt
Jack P. Shepherd as David Platt
Jane Danson as Leanne Battersby
Jennie McAlpine as Fiz Brown
Andy Whyment as Kirk Sutherland
Sue Cleaver as Eileen Grimshaw
Alan Halsall as Tyrone Dobbs

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