Coronation Street Airs October 9 2023 on ITV

On Monday, October 9, 2023, at 8:00 PM, ITV will broadcast an episode of “Coronation Street” where Carla takes a significant step. She gathers evidence that suggests Stephen plans to leave the country, and upon discovering this information, Carla decides to take action. Her course of action involves a warning, and the recipient of this warning is Jenny.

The episode focuses on Carla’s actions and the decisions she makes based on the evidence she has gathered regarding Stephen’s intentions. It is a pivotal moment in the storyline, and viewers can expect to see the unfolding of this plotline as Carla attempts to protect or inform Jenny about the situation.

“Coronation Street” continues to captivate its audience with its dramatic twists and turns, and this episode promises to deliver another compelling moment in the lives of its characters. Tune in to ITV to follow Carla’s actions and how they impact the storyline on Monday, October 9th, at 8:00 PM.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Monday 9 October 2023 on ITV

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