Court Cam Top Five: Florida Moments Airs April 10 2024 on A&E

Get ready for a wild ride through the Florida courtroom as “Court Cam” presents “Top Five: Florida Moments,” airing Wednesday at 9:30 PM on A&E. In this special episode, viewers will witness some of the most unbelievable and intense courtroom escapades ever caught on camera.

From daring escape attempts to shocking displays of defiance, each moment is more jaw-dropping than the last. Watch as a shackled prisoner takes matters into his own hands and leaps out a window, leaving everyone in disbelief. Then, hold onto your seats as a man miraculously rises from his wheelchair and makes a run for freedom.

But the chaos doesn’t stop there. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats as they witness a daring escape orchestrated with the help of several accomplices, showcasing just how far some will go to evade justice.

Don’t miss “Court Cam: Top Five: Florida Moments,” a thrilling journey through the craziest courtroom antics the Sunshine State has to offer, airing Wednesday at 9:30 PM on A&E.

Release Date & Time: 9:30 PM Wednesday 10 April 2024 on A&E

Court Cam Top Five: Florida Moments Cast –

Main Cast
Dan Abrams

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