Curious George Season 15 Episode 10 Chef Rides a Bike; Face Painting Airs December 8 2023 on PBS

This Friday, December 8, 2023, at 9:30 AM on PBS, “Curious George” brings joy and educational adventures with Season 15 Episode 10 titled “Chef Rides a Bike; Face Painting.” In a heartwarming segment, George takes on the role of a supportive friend as he helps Chef conquer the challenge of riding a bike, all in preparation for Netti’s birthday surprise.

The episode not only emphasizes friendship but also introduces valuable life skills, as Chef navigates the ups and downs of learning to ride. In a creative twist, George explores the world of art as he picks up a paintbrush and discovers the magic of face painting. Young viewers can anticipate an engaging and educational experience as they follow George on his delightful escapades, combining valuable life lessons with the joy of discovery on PBS.

Release Date & Time: 9:30 AM Friday 8 December 2023 on PBS

Curious George Chef Rides a Bike; Face Painting Cast – Season 15 Episode 10

Main Cast
Frank Welker
Jeff Bennett
Rob Paulsen
Jim Cummings
Lex Lang
Dee Bradley Baker
B.J. Ward
E.G. Daily
Grey DeLisle
Susan Silo
Lara Jill Miller
Kevin Michael Richardson
James Taylor
Tara Strong
Carlos Alazraqui
Jess Harnell
Amber Hood
Annie Mumolo
Rolonda Watts
Kath Soucie

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