Death in Paradise Season 13 Episode 6 Airs March 10 2024 on BBC One

This Sunday at 9:00 PM on BBC One, crime-solving aficionados are in for a perplexing treat with Season 13 Episode 6 of “Death in Paradise.” The idyllic setting of St. Marie transforms into a crime scene as the team faces a baffling mystery: a tourist is found stabbed in a hotel lift, traveling just one floor all alone. The intricacies deepen as it’s revealed that the victim, despite being severely ill, had journeyed to St. Marie to fulfill a poignant wish on her bucket list.

The episode promises a gripping storyline, with the seasoned detectives grappling to unravel the layers of this unexpected crime. “Death in Paradise” has earned acclaim for its blend of picturesque settings and cleverly constructed mysteries, and this episode is no exception. As the team pieces together the clues and confronts the enigma of the victim’s final moments, viewers can expect a riveting blend of suspense and tropical intrigue. Tune in for a night of crime-solving on BBC One as “Death in Paradise” unfolds its latest enthralling chapter this Sunday.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Sunday 10 March 2024 on BBC One

Death in Paradise Cast – Season 13 Episode 6

Main Cast
Don Warrington as Selwyn Patterson
√Člizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bordey
Ralf Little as Neville Parker
Tahj Miles as Marlon Pryce
Shantol Jackson as Naomi Thomas
Ginny Holder as Darlene Curtis

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