Doctors Season 24 Episode 196 Flowering Cherry Airs March 28 2024 on BBC One

Get ready for another compelling episode of Doctors, airing on March 28, 2024, exclusively on BBC One. Titled “Flowering Cherry,” this installment promises to deliver riveting storylines and captivating performances that will keep viewers glued to their screens.

In this episode, all eyes are on Kirsty as everyone notices a significant change in her demeanor. As whispers spread and speculation mounts, Kirsty finds herself at the center of attention, grappling with the consequences of her newfound behavior.

Meanwhile, Jimmi finds himself embarking on a transformative journey as he engages in a session with Liv. As the two delve deep into the complexities of the human psyche, Jimmi confronts his own demons and discovers unexpected insights along the way.

Elsewhere, Sid’s excitement is palpable as he looks forward to spending quality time with Paige. With anticipation building and emotions running high, Sid is determined to make the most of their time together, cherishing every moment they share.

But just when things seem to be going smoothly, Nina drops a bombshell on Zara, sending shockwaves through their relationship. As secrets unravel and tensions escalate, Zara is forced to confront uncomfortable truths that threaten to upend her world.

From heartfelt patient interactions to intriguing character dynamics, “Doctors” offers a multifaceted portrayal of life within the walls of a medical practice. With each episode packed with drama, emotion, and relatable experiences, viewers are sure to be captivated by the engaging narratives and compelling performances.

Don’t miss out on the drama and heartwarming moments in “Doctors,” airing Thursday at 1:45 PM on BBC One. Tune in to witness the trials and triumphs of the doctors and their patients as they navigate the complexities of life in Letherbridge.

Release Date & Time: 1:45 PM Thursday 28 March 2024 on BBC One

Doctors Cast – Season 24 Episode 196

Main Cast
Adrian Lewis Morgan as Jimmi Clay
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh as Zara Carmichael
Sarah Moyle as Valerie Pitman
Jan Pearson as Karen Hollis
Ian Midlane as Al Haskey
Matthew Chambers as Daniel Granger
Dido Miles as Emma Reid
Ian Kelsey as Howard Bellamy
Owen Brenman as Heston Carter
Lorna Laidlaw as Mrs Tembe
Seán Gleeson as Ronnie Woodson
Christopher Timothy as Mac McGuire
Chris Walker as Rob Hollins
Ashley Rice as Dr Sid Vere
Kia Pegg as Scarlett Kiernan
Ariyon Bakare as Dr. Ben Kwarme

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