Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Season 6 Episode 1 Airs January 2 2024 on Channel 5

This Tuesday at 8:00 PM on Channel 5, “Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly” kicks off its highly anticipated Season 6 with an episode that promises laughter, challenges, and heartwarming moments. Graeme Hall, the renowned dog trainer, takes the reins as he faces a diverse set of canine conundrums.

The spotlight is on a St Bernard, whose demeanor defies the expectations of its owners, revealing a side far from the placid giant they had envisioned. Graeme’s expertise is put to the test as he unravels the mystery behind this mischievous giant.

Adding a touch of humor, a Pug with an extreme foot fetish takes center stage, showcasing the quirky and unpredictable behaviors that often characterize our beloved furry friends. Additionally, the episode introduces Royce, a three-year-old pup dealing with the embarrassing case of the splats, bringing a mix of charm and relatability to the forefront.

Tune in for a delightful evening of canine antics, training triumphs, and a glimpse into the world of “Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly” as Graeme Hall works his magic in this Season 6 premiere on Channel 5.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Tuesday 2 January 2024 on Channel 5

Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Cast – Season 6 Episode 1

Main Cast
Graeme Hall

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