Earth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer Season 6 Episode 10 The Habits of Herbivores Airs January 27 2024 on NBC

This Saturday at 10:30 AM on NBC, “Earth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer” ventures into the wild with Season 6 Episode 10, titled “The Habits of Herbivores.” The intrepid Dylan Dreyer takes viewers on a captivating exploration to unravel the mysteries of Earth’s hungriest herbivores and uncover the secrets behind their plant-based lifestyles.

Against the backdrop of diverse landscapes, Dreyer delves into the habits and behaviors of these remarkable creatures, shedding light on the intricacies of their plant-based diets. The episode promises an up-close look at the strategies herbivores employ to thrive in their natural habitats, showcasing the harmony between these animals and the plant life that sustains them.

“Tune in at 10:30 AM this Saturday on NBC for an educational and awe-inspiring journey into the world of herbivores on ‘Earth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer,’ where curiosity meets the wonders of the animal kingdom in ‘The Habits of Herbivores.'”

Release Date & Time: 10:30 AM Saturday 27 January 2024 on NBC

Earth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer The Habits of Herbivores Cast – Season 6 Episode 10

Main Cast
Dylan Dreyer

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