Evil Lives Here Season 14 Episode 10 She Called To Say I Killed Them Airs April 28 2024 on Investigation Discovery

Tune in for an intense and chilling episode of “Evil Lives Here” titled “She Called To Say I Killed Them,” airing on Investigation Discovery at 9:00 PM on Sunday, April 28, 2024. This gripping installment delves into the harrowing true story of Ron Youngblood’s nightmare relationship with Veronica.

Ron’s dream of having a loving family turns into a living nightmare when he meets Veronica. Initially, he believes his dreams are coming true, but instead, he finds himself trapped in a relationship with a woman who is cold, cruel, and unfaithful. Despite Ron’s attempts to leave, Veronica’s manipulative and destructive behavior only escalates, leaving him with nothing but shattered dreams and a sense of despair.

Through emotional interviews and dramatic reenactments, viewers will be drawn into Ron’s harrowing journey as he grapples with the horrifying realization that the woman he once loved is capable of unspeakable acts. Don’t miss out on this riveting episode of “Evil Lives Here,” as it sheds light on the devastating consequences of a toxic and abusive relationship.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Sunday 28 April 2024 on Investigation Discovery

Evil Lives Here She Called To Say I Killed Them Cast – Season 14 Episode 10

Main Cast

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