Expedition Unknown Season 12 Episode 11 Hunt for the Secret Seaplane Airs January 3 2024 on Discovery

This Wednesday at 9:00 PM on Discovery, “Expedition Unknown” brings an exciting new episode titled “Hunt for the Secret Seaplane.” Season 12 Episode 11 follows Josh Gates as he embarks on a quest to uncover a top-secret WWII seaplane that crashed into the Pacific. Seventy years later, the only remaining XP5Y-1 seaplane becomes the target of an ambitious exploration.

The episode promises a riveting adventure as Josh joins a dedicated team to scour the ocean floor, diving hundreds of feet below the surface in pursuit of this lost aviation treasure. Viewers can anticipate an intriguing blend of history, mystery, and underwater exploration as the team strives to unveil the secrets hidden beneath the waves.

Don’t miss the thrilling expedition on Discovery this Wednesday at 9:00 PM, as “Expedition Unknown” presents Season 12 Episode 11, “Hunt for the Secret Seaplane.”

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Wednesday 3 January 2024 on Discovery

Expedition Unknown Hunt for the Secret Seaplane Cast – Season 12 Episode 11

Main Cast
Josh Gates

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