Expedition X Season 6 Episode 9 Transylvanian Terror Airs February 7 2024 on Discovery

Prepare for a spine-tingling adventure as “Expedition X” returns with Season 6, Episode 9, titled “Transylvanian Terror.” Discovery is set to air this hair-raising episode on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, at 9:00 PM, and it promises to be a chilling exploration into the world of the supernatural.

In this episode, viewers are in for a paranormal treat as Phil and Jess embark on a journey to the world’s most haunted forest, located near the legendary site of Dracula’s tales. This eerie location has a history steeped in mystery, and it’s where even the fearless Josh Gates had one of his most terrifying experiences.

As the night falls, the investigators delve deep into the forest’s haunted depths, but what they encounter is beyond their darkest expectations. Jess, in particular, becomes the focal point of an unsettling presence, as she feels the ominous gaze of someone or something sinister watching her every move.

“Expedition X” has captivated audiences with its daring exploration of the unexplained and the supernatural. “Transylvanian Terror” promises to be no different, as it takes viewers on a heart-pounding journey through the haunted forest, where ancient legends and chilling encounters come to life.

Don’t miss this episode on Discovery, where “Expedition X” delves into the mysteries of the Transylvanian forest in “Transylvanian Terror.” Tune in on Wednesday at 9:00 PM for an evening of heart-pounding exploration and spine-tingling encounters that will leave you questioning the unknown.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Wednesday 7 February 2024 on Discovery

Expedition X Transylvanian Terror Cast – Season 6 Episode 9

Main Cast
Jessica Chobot
Phil Torres
Josh Gates
Joshua Gates
Bob Kennedy

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